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Tank Tops wholesale and retail

at Wordans Canada

The tank top is a basic item that goes along with a lot of different outfits. If you don't already have one, read about the advantages of tank tops at our wholesale store here! Among other things, our tank tops are available in multiple colors, the sizes vary, you get discounts and even extra discounts when you buy our products in bulk, and there are many different materials. You can read more about the history of tank tops, extensive product information, and clothing inspiration on the website of Wordans, an international wholesale company operating in Canada, and many other countries.

History of the undershirt

The first people wearing an edition of a tank top were members of the women's Olympic swim team in 1912. They tore the sleeves off the top of their swimwear for faster and free movement. It was not common for women to be so uncovered. Around the '30s, '40s, and '50s, people associated these tank tops with wife-beating men. Hollywood released a couple of films where there was always a violent, abusive man wearing a white tank top. It wasn't until around 1970 that the ´´tank´´ became a fashion item. There changed a lot in the 70s in regards to fashion because of movies, music videos, and celebrities. Thereafter, the image changed and it became a fashion item. Think about Kate Moss wearing this, or many rappers performing on stage with white tank tops.

Features of the tank top :

Different designs to choose from

We have mentioned white but we sell way more colors. You could think of colors such as pink, black, green, blue, and grey. Some have a mélange fabric and others a solid color. If you take a look at our product page, you can see multiple different kinds of cheap tank tops. Some have a loose fit, tight fit, or tight on top and looser on the bottom. Besides that, the thickness of the shoulders also varies. When you have picked your favorite design, you can pick another color. Furthermore, our tank tops are blank, and some have the option to be customized. So, you can create tank tops to your liking at our wholesale store!

Our cheap tank tops are great for reselling

Wordans offers you many discounts. You can see some of the fixed discounts at the right bottom of a product. Besides that, if you buy our tank tops in bulk, you will receive even more discounts. Our tank tops come with tear-away labels, are able to be customized, and are cheap. These characteristics make these items great for reselling!

How to style a tank top

A tank top is a t-shirt without sleeves. This top can be worn for multiple occasions. Think of sports, leisure, or as an undershirt. Furthermore, tank tops have become a trend for the spring and summer. Take a look at Fashion Week, where white tank tops cannot be missed from the stage. Wear it with wide-leg pants for the 2000s style. Or, add strappy sandals, and slip skirts for the 1990s style! Or just wear it with jeans or sweatpants. That way, you are always ready for a trip to the gym or just a casual trip. Wordans, an international wholesale business, has many different kinds of tank tops to choose from. The design and the colors are choosable, and besides that, our tank tops are cheap as well! The image of tank tops has changed totally, so join the trend and purchase a tank top for yourself, or buy them in bulk for your clothing store. And, don´t forget that you can customize the tank tops as well.