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At Wordans, our priority is to ensure wholesale and retail shopping is available to every individual. This is why we strive to offer a constant supply of quality products from multiple brands. Our pride is that we provide a vast apparel catalog for every person regardless of age, size and gender. Our wholesale long sleeves t-shirts stand out and we can proudly say they are among our customers’ top picks. We have other products that include headwear, athletic wear, jackets, pants, shorts and sweats. Wordans sources bulk long-sleeved t-shirts from various brands to provide cost-friendly clothing without compromising quality.

Long sleeve t-shirts are the perfect option for both function and style. Despite some individuals underrating them, they appear classier and make outfits feel a bit formal. Additionally, they are more comfortable if you want several layers since textured fabrics of the outer layers do not get in contact with your skin. Our multifunctional t-shirts come in distinct designs, sizes, fits and fabrics. In addition, they are available in both retail and wholesale. You are free to choose the t-shirt and brand that suits your style.

Features of Our Long Sleeve T-Shirts

Wordans long sleeve t-shirts have several features, and your choice primarily depends on your interests and purpose.


Individuals have distinct preferences for fabrics, and stocking a massive collection ensures that there is something for everybody. Wordans wholesale long-sleeved t-shirts come in different fabrics to ensure a wide selection and capture different needs and interests. They range from various variants of cotton to a blend of materials. Some long sleeves t-shirts are made from materials that incorporate cotton, rayon and poly.

Sizing and Fit

You can find cheap long sleeves t-shirts in different fittings and sizes. The vast range of sizes and fit options can suit individuals of all proportions, including boxer, tighter, loose or even slimmer. The plain long sleeve shirts in Canada are ideal for individuals of all sizes.

Neckline and Style

Wordans will offer you a variety of necklines ranging from a classic crew neck to v-neck options and Henley style. Some sleeves are designed with cuffs for a tighter fit at the wrists, and others are loose and open. Some long sleeves t-shirts feature chest pockets and zips while others do not. Thus, blank long sleeve shirts in Canada come in different styles, even colors, so look for one that fits your taste.

Brands for Our Long Sleeve T-Shirts

We source our bulk long sleeve shirts from several brands around the world. Currently, available brands include Alternative Apparel, Bella+ Canvas, Blank Activewear, Core 365, Devon & Jones, Gildan, Next Level, Puma Golf, Rabbit Skins and Threadfast.

Our Prices

Wordans generally provides cheap long sleeves t-shirts. Our prices are affordable, and you will not have to break a bank to lay your hands on our t-shirts. Our prices range from around $8 to around $45 and are determined by several factors such as fabric, size, brand and shipping costs. However, we have discounts on different selected items. The percentages of discounts vary based on different factors.

Other Types of Products We Stock

Wordans provides other categories of products, including onesies, polo, underwear, accessories, shirts, tank tops, sportswear and bags. The accessories are scarfs, watches, shoes, bibs, masks and protection. Besides, we have unisex products that range from clothing to accessories. These products cater to children, men and women and come in different sizes, styles, fits, colors and brands. We offer the best prices for each category, and we ensure we do not hurt your pockets, including the wholesale long sleeves t-shirts. Here, you can select your preferred brand to view its complete display of products. Our site is simple to navigate, and you can glance at all products in a single view.