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Blue Kids Sweats & Fleece wholesale and retail

at Wordans Canada

Kids Blue Sweatshirts in a Variety of Styles to Fit Any Occasion

There is no better color to splash on a clothing item than blue if peace and tranquility are on your mind, as the various shades of this hue often promote a calming and welcoming sensation. Clothing items that sport this color also give a strong sense of confidence and personality to the person wearing it, making it a perfect choice for young children who are beginning to find their roots in fashion.
Naturally, the fantastic features of this color mean that our Kids' Sweats and Fleece collection can never be complete without our selection of blue sweatshirts. This range boasts various sweatshirt styles, such as the enduring crewneck, the ageless hoodie, and the practical zip-up fleece. These styles are tremendously popular and can be mixed and matched with other colors and items, such as denim trousers or tracksuit pants, to create a stylish outfit.
Feel free to dive into this lineup if you have been on the lookout for bulk offerings of kids' sweatshirts for your store or school. We also invite parents hoping to update their child's wardrobe to peek through this collection and add whatever catches their eye to their basket.

Cheap Sweatshirts that Provide Comfort and Coziness to All Children

Our long-term partnerships with renowned brands, such as Champion, Team 365, and Gildan, means that this range is overflowing with various high-quality sweatshirts from a choice selection of fabrics. These textile options include heat-resistant and breathable materials, such as 50% cotton - 50% polyester, 100% polyester, and poly microfleece. So, parents hoping to keep their child warm and comfortable in the autumn and early winter seasons will never have to fret with one of these sweatshirts on their side.
In addition to this warming sensation, several blue sweatshirts in this collection also feel tremendously comfortable and snug. So, a child walking around in one of our sweatshirts may feel like they are constantly receiving a sweet embrace from a parent or loved one. This cuddling feeling should help in getting younger children through long school days without their parents.

Take Things to the Next Level With Our Wholesale Customization Feature

Although blue is a tremendously powerful and expressive color, our team at Wordans understands that these plain sweatshirts do not always tick the right boxes. This is generally because younger children often try to express their individuality and personality through clothing choices. So, it will hardly be a surprise if they prefer wearing a sweatshirt with a picture of their favorite toy, doll, or cartoon character on their clothes instead of blank apparel.
Fortunately, our customization feature at Wordans means you no longer have to pick between our wholesale offerings and expressive designs. With this tool, you can easily splash whatever graphic or image you think will appeal to a younger audience directly to one of our customizable sweatshirts. Once you are happy with your design, our team will add it to your items through direct-to-garment (DTG) or screen printing before sending it over to you.
This feature provides the best of both worlds to fashion houses as they can now take advantage of the low prices of our blank apparel while still adding eye-catching designs to their items. Using our customization feature also means you no longer have to go through the hassle of searching for a printer after receiving your order. Instead, your items are ready to use from day one.
We also invite schools and parents hosting events to explore our customization feature by adding information about the occasion to their items before making an order. This detail may include a logo, a birthday theme, or an internal school event, such as a sport's day. By customizing the sweatshirts in this collection, you can later hand them out as a memento that children will cherish for years to come.