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Violet Men Long sleeves wholesale and retail

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Violet Men Long sleeves wholesale and retail

at Wordans Canada

Wordans has an array of mens violet long sleeves t-shirts. They come in different sizes, color shades and textures. Are you looking to buy at a wholesale price? Our prices are cheap, competitive and offer the best guarantee on investment. Trustpilot, one of the most popular goods and services review platforms, ranks us at 4.7 out of 5. It emphasizes our claim as your go-to wholesale for fashion apparel.

Wholesale Purchasing from Wordans

Once you select the variety and number of mens violet long sleeves t-shirts, there is an offer for customers buying in large quantities. You can pick them up, or we ship them for free, only if you meet the bare minimum.

Types of Mens Violet Long Sleeves Tops


It is the most common design available, with several varieties in stock. Ultra cotton is a popular brand, with at least 2 designs sold at Wordans. They are not only comfortable but also easy and good for summer. We also have heavy cotton, ultra-cotton and heavy weight under the round neck category.


As a new market trend, hooded t-shirts are becoming popular, especially with contemporary dressers. They are stylish, light and ideal for summer. It is a unique version of the mens violet long sleeve t-shirt, thanks to its design.

Cheap and Customizable Orders

Next Level, one of the brands, allows you to customize your selection. You can have different cotton trim with or without a hoodie. The sleeve length is also a customized feature. Basically, they give you the freedom to choose the type of t-shirt you want, as long as it is within the design parameters.

Many Different Sizes and Fabrics

Bulk purchases allow you to choose different sizes based on your demand. We have 9 sizes, from extra small to 5XL. Choose the t-shirts you want, zero down on the size and pre-order.

Each fabric has its advantage based on the need for the t-shirts. However, cotton is the most common due to its texture. It is comfortable, smooth on the skin and can absorb sweat, making it an ideal summer must-have.

The Poly-cotton rayon tri-fabric is all-weather, making it comfortable all year round. It brings together fabric softness, stretchy tendencies and comfort. If you want to screen-print this t-shirt, it is the best, especially the epic-vintage style art.

Popular Mens Violet Long Sleeves T-Shirt Brands

There are 2 predominant brands specializing in this purple t-shirt; Gildan and Next Level. Each has a unique style based on its color shade. Gildan prefers a dark and more compact violet color, while Next Level takes up the lighter version. Each violet version has a specific code to differentiate the t-shirt design.

Gildan products are more casual and mostly go well with casual pants. However, Next Level apparel go well with sports. They are light and ideally look good on athletes. The hoodie on the Next Level looks good on those who love morning or evening jogs.

Excellent Versatility

Due to the design and shape, Gildan t-shirts give you a finished product you can buy and wear. Although you can customize Gildan t-shirts, there is too little to do about their design.

Next Level, on the other hand, gives you the latitude to custom-make your ideal t-shirt. Since it is light and perfectly suits an athlete, you can decide which design sells more.

Bulk Buying at Wordans

Buying in bulk guarantees a cheap unit price. It also qualifies you for free shipping. Wordans guarantees quality and cheap items with competitive prices across its product range.