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Wholesale T-shirts in Vancouver

Are you a fashion retailer, a boutique or sell apparel and need quality t-shirts for your market? Wordans sells bulk t-shirts Vancouver that cover different needs and preferences for your target market. We take time to ensure that our products are of the highest quality and delivered as soon as possible to your premises. All the t-shirts are blank and ready to wear. However, they can be customized to meet the requirements and preferences of your customers.

Whole T-Shirt Options from Wordans

Wordans has t-shirts for virtually any apparel market in Vancouver. Besides, your customers will have several options and characteristics to choose from, as explained below.

A Wide Range of Fabrics Are Available

Today’s customers are choosy about the type of fabric they choose for their apparel. It is good to have various options in place to meet their various needs. Besides, the choice of fabric determines what customization can be done on it. Some materials cannot be printed on with some techniques, while others can only be worn in specific weather conditions. At Wordans, we have the major fabrics in stock, including cotton, polyester, cotton/polyester blends, and triblends.

Other popular fabric options available include poly spandex, polyester-viscose, pique cotton and cotton-knit, as well as blends of each. The variety of fabric choices comes with various performance options, capabilities, and care requirements. Your customers will get a chance to choose everything from UPF sun protection, high performance, snag resistance, anti-crease capabilities, and various t-shirt treatment options. We can deliver specific fabric options if you have orders for specific customisation options or occasions. Otherwise, we recommend offering your customers a variety of fabrics.

A Variety of Styles Are Available

Wordans offers a variety of t-shirt styles for the market. There are over a dozen t-shirt styles for various occasions that include scoop neck, V-neck, polo, and tank top, among others. We also stock burnout, camo and Henley styles at our online store. Each of them comes in various fabrics to fit various requirements. In addition, there is a wide choice of short-sleeved and long-sleeved options for any of the above styles. We can also supply t-shirts with a zipper or front pocket and performance types. Each of the styles comes in various colors to fit your customer's preferences.

We have T shirts for All Genders

We stock t-shirts for all ages, genders and sizes. You are covered if you deal with men’s, women’s, babywear, or children's clothing. We also have unisex t shirt options that can be worn by any gender comfortably. Regarding sizes, we have t-shirts ranging from small to 6XL and a wide range of fitting options. Each size comes in various styles and other characteristics that we have discussed above. Therefore, you have a wide selection for any gender or size for your customers.

We have the Leading Brands in Stock

Wordans wholesale cheap t-shirts Vancouver covers all the leading brands in the market. Some of these brands include Under Armour, Blank Activewear, Threadfast, Fruit of the Loom, and North End. Others include Extreme, American Apparel, Puma Sport, Rabbit Skins, Golf, Harriton, Team 365 and Jerzees, among others.

Our in-house team ensures that all the brands that make their way to our stores are certified for quality and performance. As a result, we assure our customers of high-quality t-shirts that will meet the preferences and needs of different customers. They come with all the care instructions so that customers are able to maintain them in good condition for a long time.

Get ready to excite your customers with amazing quality t-shirts at your Vancouver outlet or business. With Wordans, you can stock the type, style and fabrics that they like with ease. Check the options that best describe your target market and make the order today.

Take a look at our wholesale apparel

Nice Shirt by Sherry S
This shirt had good size representation. The fabric is stretchy and light. Comfy. I wasn’t thrilled with the colour I ordered. Will try others. Overall a very comfortable, flattering, loose fitting shirt.
G200T Gildans TALL T shirts by Ed Petecki
These are great t shirts. I buy a bunch at a time (10-12) in 3xl and they fit great and the length allows stretch without showing belly, Long lasting, wash well.
Tall but could/should be taller by K Hardy
Its hard to complain, as I've been searching for tall t's for about 30 years now and finally found somewhere that sells them in Canada, but these are not quite tall enough for my liking. I've only washed them once and I find myself pulling the bottom of the shirts trying to stretch some length into them. Add another inch or two Gildan and I might order some more. I ordered a bunch of these in different colors, some fit longer than others, a little inconsistent. The fruit of the loom tall 3931T is noticeably longer and prefered, but the site does not have many in stock.
Love this style! by Mya
I've owned a few of these shirts and the style and quality is amazing! My favorite shirt I own!
Great Tall T-shirt (hard to find in Canada) by Scott Cameron
This is a high quality tall t-shirt that is hard to find in Canada. Compares well, if not identically, with the 2000T shirt from the US. Too bad there is no printing option available for this t-shirt model.


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