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Threadfast Sweats & Fleece wholesale and retail

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Threadfast Sweats & Fleece wholesale and retail

at Wordans Canada

Threadfast is a brand that sells blank apparel. We also sell their sweats & fleece hoodies, sweatshirts and pants at Wordans. Wordans is an international wholesaler that operates in Canada and other countries. We have many brands and blank apparel in our assortment. In the coming section you will learn more about Threadfast's sweats & fleeces. For example about the colors, materials and options !

The options of the cheap blank apparel of Threadfast

The hoodies and sweatshirts are all unisex and come in many sizes. This makes it easier to share clothing as well. The sizes we have start at XS and end at 4XL. Also, the hood is adjustable in size with strings and the bottom and sleeves are elastic. Furthermore, the colors we have vary from quiet colors like white, gray and black, but we also have more striking colors like red, pink and blue. Not only do we have these basic colors. You can also find colors like Charcoal Heather, Heather Grey, Navy, Oatmeal Heather, Red, Royal blue at our wholesale in Canada. The nice thing about the cheap Threadfast's sweats & fleece is that almost every model comes in multiple colors. This allows you to alternate your favorite sweater with another color! Since the colors are clearly described, it is also easier for you to make it into an entire tracksuit. Then you could order your desired pants in the right color with it.

Do you own a clothing store and want to promote your own brand or create one? These wholesale blank apparel are great for personalization. Because of the good fabric that these Threadfast sweats & hoodies have, you can easily get them printed. These Threadfast garments are also very convenient to sell, as some items have tear-off labels. Moreover, you can enjoy very low prices at Wordans in Canada. Because we are a wholesaler, we can sell these blank clothing items cheaply. You can see how much discount you get compared to other retailers. You will also get a bigger discount if you buy items in bulk. If you are curious if the quantity you want is available, simply click on product information. Here you can see how many are still available. You can also contact us to discuss available quantities.

Even if you don't plan to sell these cheap sweats & fleece hoodies in your clothing store, a personalized clothing item is always fun. Match your outfit with your partner, family, group of friends or sports group.

When to wear a Threadfast hoodie, sweatshirt or pants ?

What could be better than crashing on the couch with a comfortable outfit at the end of a long day of work? Threadfast's items are very comfortable and therefore ideal for a nice relaxing day. Poly-cotton-ray is the perfect comfortable fabric. This fabric is in fact the perfect combination of polyester, cotton and rayon. The fabric is very airy, soft, but also durable. The sweats & fleeces are easy to wash, do not crease after washing and remain beautiful for a long time. Moreover, this fabric is also known for its softness and fluffiness! If you do prefer to spend an evening exercising, this fabric is also very suitable. As mentioned before, this fabric is very breathable, but also moisture-wicked. So you can stay comfortable even with heavier exercises. In addition to being comfortable, these items are of good quality. At our wholesale store in Canada, you can find Threadfast's comfortable and stylish sweats & fleeces. These items are suitable for resale, but also for your own use. Moreover, they come in many colors and sizes, so there is something for everyone!