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Wholesale Black Sweats & Fleece for a variety of tastes

The sweatshirt is one of the most coveted items in fashion, and you will hardly find any wardrobe in the country that does not have one or two sweats tucked in a corner or standing loosely on a hanger waiting for you to pull it away. The ability of this garment to battle the cold also makes it a crucial ally once the summer heat begins to give way to that familiar, crisp autumn air.

In recent years, sweatshirts and fleece items have also transformed from being only a shield against the cold to a nearly unbeatable fashion statement that can help elevate any outfit. For instance, you can slip on a sweatshirt over a denim or leather skirt to achieve a modern or edgy look or place a coat over your sweat for a more compelling display. In either case, the possibilities to create stylish but comfortable outfits are endless with a sweatshirt or fleece at your side.

As the sweatshirt becomes more vital than ever, our team at Wordans continues to ensure that our shelves remain swarming with enough black women's sweats and fleece to fulfill all your needs. This collection combines the unique features of this garment with the capacity for black colors to mix and match fluently with almost any other shade, allowing you to craft a new outfit in seconds.

Wordans is the Home of Cheap Black Sweatshirts for Women

There is no better place to find first-rate, affordable sweats and fleece items for your store, organization, or personal wardrobe than here at Wordans. This collection is abundant with various black women's sweats & fleece styles, including the wide neck fleece, the classic sweatshirt, the increasingly popular cropped hoodie, and much more.

Our partnerships with several renowned brands, such as Bella + Canvas, Columbia Golf, Core 365, Gildan, and Champion also mean that you can be confident that you will receive high-quality items when shopping with us at Wordans. The sweatshirts and fleece items in this range are available in a diverse sizing scale, with some sweatshirts running from XS to 6XL. So, there is no need to fret about leaving someone out when making a bulk order at Wordans.

The item diversity in this range also stretches toward our fabric options, with items in this collection available in various materials such as 100% cotton, polyester, acrylic, and nylon. So, don't forget to pick the best option depending on your climate, durability, and breathability preferences.

Put Your Creativity on Display With Wordans Customization

Although most items in our black sweatshirts and fleece collection for women may begin as simple, plain garments, they do not have to stay that way. With our unique customization tool, you can quickly transform any of these items into one-of-a-kind pieces that reflect your style or brand's identity.

Our customization feature is perfect for universities or groups that may be hosting an event and want to give out memorable souvenirs to their attendees. This tool is also ideal for organizations looking to build team spirit and promote their brand identity by giving out personalized sweatshirts to their staff. Any employee will be proud to wear a sweatshirt with a logo or company motto that reflects your organization's values.

Fashion houses looking to attract more customers by adding eye-catching designs to their sweatshirts are also welcome to use our customization tool. This feature should make it easier to communicate your brand identity to potential customers and boost sales.

All you need to do to use this feature is select any of our customizable shirts and add the image or graphic that suits your needs. It hardly matters whether it is your design, school logo, or company motto. Our team at Wordans will apply your graphic using direct-to-garment or screen printing and ship your personalized sweatshirt to you, ready to wear.