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Blue Men Long sleeves wholesale and retail

at Wordans Canada

Short sleeve t-shirts have been all the rage due to their stylish form and edginess. It doesn’t mean long sleeves are no longer chic. In fact, long sleeves are classier than their counterparts as they make outfits look formal.

Also, the extra coverage makes it easy to layer long sleeves with other clothing, especially when paired with the right color. Mens blue long sleeves are particularly versatile, allowing you to layer them with black, white and other colored pants for a perfect casual look.

You’ve probably bought so many short sleeves over the years and no longer feel the need to buy long sleeves. Wordans is here to remind you why you need to buy them in bulk.

Stylish Designs Available for Wholesale Purchase

Mens blue long sleeves aren’t boring. With a few smart hacks, your long sleeves hardly look outdated. Remember, street fashion is all the rage and ‘old-fashioned’ clothing like long sleeves is likely to make a comeback. You may need to make a wholesale purchase at Wordans to pair them with all the rugged and baggy pants you want to wear.

Extra Comfy Apparel

If you’re looking for a comfortable t-shirt to layer with other clothing during winter, you can never go wrong with mens long sleeves. The extra length enhances comfort and warmth in chilly weather. What’s more, it’s easy to layer the t-shirt with outerwear like blazers, coats and cardigans.


Additional Protection for Cheap Prices

Wear long sleeves if you love going outdoors or exploring nature on foot. The extra length protects your skin from scratches, insect bites and UV rays on hot summer days. Of course, it all depends on the fabric and the weight of the shirt.
Long sleeves made from cotton are the most comfortable on the skin, providing ample protection from such elements. Cotton tees are also durable, breathable and machine washable. You also want to check the weight of the fabric because it determines how airy or heavy the shirt feels on your skin.

Long sleeves made from heavy cotton fabric are perfect for chilly weather. The additional weight keeps you warm for extended periods. Long sleeves made from light cotton fabric are perfect for warm weather, especially if you spend many hours in the sun.

Some cheap long-sleeves in our catalogue feature a blend of materials, e.g., cotton and polyester, poly-cotton-rayon or poly spandex. The poly-spandex category, for example, is perfect for those looking for long sleeves with extra breathability and stretch.

Wide Range of Size and Style Options

Besides the fabric, you want to check the tee size, especially if buying them in bulk. Wordans makes your work easier by providing a vast range of sizes to choose from (XS-5XL). Whether you have a boxy body, slim or in between, you can find a perfect size for your silhouette.

Another feature that you should consider is the neckline. Men aren’t always keen on the nitty-gritty of style, but a fitting neckline can make a difference in your entire look. The crewneck is timeless, but you’ll also find long sleeves with v-necks in our catalogue. Some long sleeves are buttoned, allowing you to choose how much skin you want to expose.

Check the fit too. Some sleeves have a snug fit at the wrist and a staying power if you like pushing up your sleeves to the forearm, while others are loose and open. Whatever your style, we’ve got you covered and the beauty of it all is that you can choose men's blue long sleeves from your favorite brand.

Whether you love Champion’s buttoned long sleeves, Gildan’s heavy hoodie long sleeve or a simple crewneck long sleeve from Next Level to pair with your sweatpants, you’ll find all your favorites on our catalog.