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Champion Windbreakers Jackets wholesale and retail

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Cheap Wholesale Champion Windbreakers

Have you been looking for an affordable, comfortable and stylish jacket for those cold and chilly Canadian winds? Well, look no further than Wordans. Our cheap wholesale Champion Windbreakers styles are not only trendy, but they will last you a lifetime. 

A brand you know, a Brand we trust 

What sets one windbreaker apart from another? That's a great question, and one we seek to answer by our selective choice of manufacturing partners. One of our most popular brands is Champion. 

Originally started in Rochester, New York, Champion has been designing and manufacturing sportswear since 1919. With over 100 years of experience, Champion has become a world-renowned brand. As such, it's a popular choice among our clients in Canada and abroad. So regardless of your background or age, these windbreakers will satisfy everyone. 

Are you a reseller?

Great! If you're a reseller of fashion forward clothes, then you're bound to include cheap wholesale Champion windbreakers as part of your jackets and coats selection. Why? Two reasons: the more you buy, the less you pay. That means when you sell to your customers, they pay less too - everybody wins. Your customers pay lower prices without compromising style or quality while you get a successful profit margin, and more customers who are attracted to your low prices. 

The second reason is our combined services with Champions brand name. Champion is a global brand, so no matter where you sell (domestically or internationally) we can supply your inventory wherever you are. This applies if you are planning to expand as well. In other words, we can grow with you. And with an integrated long term relationship, it's certain to be a seamless supply of products.

Pro-tip: Check out our High stock options!

Customize your Windbreaker with Color and size

Everyone is different - different bodies, styles and preferences. To accommodate our diverse clientele, we offer a variety of color and sizing options. Our Champion windbreakers range from XS to 3XL, which come in unisex and kids sizes. 

Looking for further customizations? We offer a wide range of colors. Depending on your activities, you might want to stand out from the crowd. If so, we recommend bright reds and yellows. This is particularly important if your visibility is a matter of safety (i.e. commuting etc.).  However, if that's not your aim, our blue, black and brown windbreakers offer a more timeless, toned down look. 

Windbreaker outfit ideas

Depending on where you are, Windbreakers can be worn in 3 primary seasons: spring, summer, and fall. For those chiller Canadians cold fronts, and northern landscapes, we recommend browsing our sweats and fleece section for crew necks, zip necks and hoodies. As a base layer, we recommend checking out our t-shirts and long sleeves

In addition to the aforementioned base and mid-layers, we also offer pants and shorts. Track pants are a great option for those who like athletic wear, commonly known as athleisure, when worn outside the strictly athletic contexts. 

Pro-tip: windbreakers with hoodies offer head and ear protection, but if you want separate, more snug headwear, we recommend checking out our selection of beanies

The Best wholesale windbreakers at the best prices

We aim to provide and surpass the expectation of every client. Every client? Yes, when we say everyone we mean everyone, because at our prices, every wholesale Champion windbreaker is affordable. We're so confident in our products that we encourage you to test the quality of our Champion in Canada’s windiest conditions. Looking for recommendations, try the coastlines of Nova Scotia, Newfoundlands and Prince Edward Island for some of the windiest Canadian conditions.