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Bella+Canvas Tank Tops wholesale and retail

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Bella+Canvas Tank Tops wholesale and retail

at Wordans Canada

We are Wordans, an international wholesaler supplying blank apparel. We are located in Canada, but we also deliver to other countries like Italy, Netherlands, France, and Ireland. You are now on the page about tank tops from Bella + Canvas. In the upcoming section, you will learn more about the colors, materials, styles, and other specifications of the Wordans' tank tops.

More information about Bella + Canvas

The tank tops from Bella + Canvas come in a variety of many colors ! In pink, red, purple, yellow, green, white, blue, black, and gray, among others. Each tank top comes in different kinds of colors and variations. Are you looking for a specific shade of blue, for example? Then we have among others the colors: mint, teal, true royal, or blue marble. One style of tank top will, fortunately, come in multiple colors, so you can alternate your favorite tank top with the same one in a different color.

We have something for everyone. That's why the cheap Bella + Canva tank tops are available in small and large sizes. Not quite sure of your size? You can use the size chart that you can find on the product information page. Here you will find the measurements that fit which size. In addition, you can filter by product specifications yourself, for example, "high stock" or "tear-away label". This is useful if you plan to sell these blank tank tops in your own store. Within a few seconds, you will then find an item that can be completely customized to your brand.

When to wear a tank top

Tank tops are useful for many occasions. Because your armpits are uncovered, this garment is very nice for when you want to exercise and it is very hot outside. Also, the materials we have (poly-viscose, cotton, poly-cotton-rayon), are suitable for sports. Furthermore, tank tops can also be nice during cold days. You can wear them under a shirt, or under another top. This way, you can cover your skin optimally when it is otherwise exposed to wind or cold air. Besides, our stylish and comfortable tank tops from Bella + Canva are of course also suitable to wear on their own.

Benefits of the tank top from Bella + Canvas at Wordans

You can customize a lot of our blank clothing at our wholesale business in Canada. So you can do that with these items as well. For the products where this is possible, you will find the text "customize it" at the bottom of the picture. When you select the product, you will be redirected to a software where you can easily personalize your tank top from Bella + Canva. For example, you can print a text, photo, logo, or name. Furthermore, you can decide where on the item that you want to be printed, such as on the front, side, or back. Moreover, you can easily upload an image. Within seconds you can transform this blank garment into your own personalized one!

Another great advantage of Wordans is that we are very cheap. We are a wholesale company and therefore we can well understand that low prices are an important consideration for you when buying inventory. Therefore, it is also possible to buy our tank tops in bulk. You can call us to discuss quantities, or you can use the table where you can see the available quantities and the corresponding discounts when purchasing in bulk.

At Wordans, Canada's wholesale distributor, you can find the fashionable and comfortable tank tops from Bella + Canvas! So these blank apparel are available in many colors, sizes, and materials. They can be personalized, used for personal use, but also for your business. Ideal!